MOD. 9810T
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T-MAXI ECORODENT T-shaped bait station

Rodenticide bait dispenser with a new design and a dedicated key for safety locking.
Its inverted 'T' shape allows an optimised consumption of the bait, which is added from the top of the station.
Thanks to its peculiar shape, this station can be placed anywhere, on walls, fences, posts, etc.
TMAXI is equipped with a specific tube and an L-shaped rod for holding the rodenticide block.
The side openings allow entry even to large rats, giving them comfortable space to feed.
Two partitions tactically positioned on the side of the bait tube prevent any possible accidental contact.

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Ecorodent is a brand specialised in the design and manufacture of devices for rodent control and features a number of successful models that are marketed internationally. It includes single and multiple catch traps, multifunctional plastic and metal stations that can lodge rodenticide baits, mechanical snap traps and glue trays.