MOD. 2250T
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Made of sturdy grey plastic and shaped like an upside down “T”, this innovative bait station is designed for outdoor use, has a key and is used to safely hold rodent bait. The T-shape design, although large and spacious, means it can be strategically and unobtrusively positioned, preventing it from being accidentally knocked. Mod 2250T features a lock and a special key which increases safety, preventing accidental contact with the rodent poison.
Mod 2250T is ideal for rodent control in town centres and public and crowded places, but can also be used in the food industry, as well as on farms, landfills, camp sites, and in railway stations and ports.
Mod 2250T can be customised with your company logo either pad-printed (mod 2250TP).

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Ecorodent is a brand specialised in the design and manufacture of devices for rodent control and features a number of successful models that are marketed internationally. It includes single and multiple catch traps, multifunctional plastic and metal stations that can lodge rodenticide baits, mechanical snap traps and glue trays.