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220V digital control box for lines up to 1000 metres

4th generation digital control box suitable for lines up to 1000 linear metres. The 4th generation ECOBIRDS electronic bird control system is made up of a digital control box with a “user-friendly” interface to programme all the function parameters and to monitor functioning of the electric lines.
The total impulse energy can be digitally adjusted, as well as the time interval between the impulses, the voltage released, the short circuit threshold and other useful parameters to personalise the system. In case of a short circuit, the control box signals the problem through relay contacts and/or by sending an SMS to the mobile phone of the person appointed in the set-up parameters (mod. GSM optional). Window sill bypass management is highly simplified thanks to the presence of a circuit that allows the control box to generate impulse energy. A simple switch, normally switched off, is positioned on the window and releases or blocks the flow of energy. Data transmission via radio also allows positioning a receiver with a Led that detects the system’s short circuit, even without having to use wire between the control box and the receiver/data collector.

Power supply: 110V or 220V AC 50/60 Hz or from 9 to 24V battery
3-digit interface display with 3 buttons
Remote control via radio, SMS or wire
Clean output contacts for relay management
Design on front cover customised upon request
Version 4.2 software at 30 September 2011
Size in cm: 17 x 14 x 8 (height)
Digital technology
New generation electronics
Access to data management through first and second level passwords
Two separate and totally independent voltage distribution channels
Adjustable impulse interval, from 0.8 seconds to 60 seconds.
Operating power in Joules variable from 1 to 5
Operating voltage in kilovolts variable from 1 to 12
Actual peak voltage values of the system visible directly on the display
Measurement of actual charge/leakage signals verifiable on the display
Personalisation of short circuit threshold in relation with the actual charge measured on the line
Energy-saving Low Power mode in case of exclusive battery-powered use
Short circuit signal management (LED, light, sound alarm, etc.) via wire or wireless radio (up to 100 metres’ distance)
Window switch management with switch off of system via wireless radio
Message management of short circuit and/or re-establishment of correct functioning of the system via SMS (mod. GSM optional)
Possibility of interacting in real time, verifying the values and modifying the programming parameters of the control box via SMS from any mobile phone. Verification of correct functioning via SMS. Switch on and off of control box or single channels via SMS.
Two-year guarantee
EC Certificate of Conformity and electromagnetic compatibility

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