MOD. 431

Threaded rods for electric line

Round annealed AISI 316 stainless steel rod, threaded on the ends, so they can be connected to each other with threaded bushes (mod. 410). This system with dielectric support clamps made of polycarbonate (mod. 420) reduces installation time by approx. 30-40% compared with other methods available on the market. Connection to the bushes provides improved aesthetics compared to welding, which tend to weaken the organoleptic properties of steel. The bushes are also more durable compared with springs, which tend to wear rapidly owing to the phenomenon of electrolysis caused by stagnation of water between the turns of springs. The annealed AISI 316 stainless steel rod is also more flexible on curves, even just using hand pressure. Perfectly pickled and packed in practical tubes that are easy to transport and convenient during installation.

ACCESSORIES / SPARE PARTS related to Mod.  "431"