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The system can be installed anywhere - as long as it is set up correctly and runs at times when it is harmless to people (in case of use of chemicals) - so that people can enjoy green spaces without being bothered by insects.

PERFETTO can be used in a wide variety of places:
home gardens, flower beds and borders, the perimeters of gazebos or verandas, the areas surrounding pools, spas, restaurant gardens, hotels, open-air bars, discothèques, farm holiday resorts, the mosquito-infested gardens and perimeters of apartment complexes, health care facilities or nursing homes, hospitals, theme parks, camp-grounds, vacation resorts, open-air theatres and other places where people congregate, especially along the coasts and in humid areas, where the presence of mosquitoes spoils the pleasure.

PERFETTO is the ideal solution for all those quite inaccessible areas where a regular pest control treatment cannot be easily carried out; it is also the perfect system to treat the typical infestation hotbeds such as stagnant water and basins.

PERFETTO consists of:
• A machine body inside a waterproof IP65 case with locking key
• A tank where the product is mixed
• A product calibration system
• A pump with maximum 18 Bar capacity
• A circuit made of top quality materials, capable of withstanding the most corrosive agents
• A programmable digital control unit with display
• An exclusive software, designed and implemented to ensure optimal performance of the machine.
Advantages of PERFETTO:
• An extensive circuit with up to 400 linear metres of spray pipes and up to 80 nozzles(optimal: 300 linear mt / 60 nozzles)
• Spray control with personalisation of the parameters, such as the pipe length, the number of nozzles, the type of product used, spraying time and intervals, internal circuit cleaning, external pipe and nozzle cleaning, warnings, etc.
• Precise dosage of the product determined by the software and the calibration system
• Assessment and control of all events
• Notification of spraying irregularities
• Data storage

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