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Adhesive barrier tape

A multiple-use adhesive barrier tape for temporary quarantine, pest monitoring
and product protection. Effective against crawling insect pests. It acts as a barrier tape which isolates suspected and infested product. It is a chemical free protection ideal for food storage, production and handling areas. There are 18 metres on every roll, with a width of 30 cm. Thanks to black and yellow stripes, it is clearly visible to operators. It can be easily cut to desired length and shape.
Ideal for use as a temporary monitor trap and entry barrier; specific pheromones can also be positioned directly on the glue.
It is a poison free product and can be safely used in food industries.


Our insect control range offers a wide variety of solutions for monitoring and controlling crawling and flying insects, both for industrial use and private houses; here you will find also specific solutions for the management of special pest insects such as wasps, bed bugs, red palm weevils etc.