Cimex quick response kit pro

Bed bug monitoring kit.
The trap is the result of indepth studies by Canadian researchers leading to the creation of an innovative integrated system capable of simulating the identical conditions of the human body. This active monitoring system ensures the best attainable results. Suitable for bed bug control in hospital beds, hotels, hostels, campsites, caravans, campers, ships, vessels in general, trains, airplanes, taxis, coaches, cinemas, theatres, etc.
Made with high tech, ultra efficient components, the kit consists in a plastic trap (mod. HPR1124) designed to hold a glue tray (mod. HPR1125). The perimeter of the trap is undulated and coated with rubbery film reproducing the texture of human skin, so the insects can easily crawl up into the trap. Another component of the kit is a special carbon dioxide generator made of plastic and divided into three compartments in which to place special tablets and a vial containing activator powder that triggers the fermentation process producing CO2. The heat pad included in the kit will bring the temperature inside the trap to about 37°C for over 6 hours, reproducing human body temperature.
Attracted by the simulated human conditions, the bed bugs will crawl into the trap and get stuck in the glue tray and operators will be able to detect the presence of the pests.

The mod. HPR1122 KIT includes:
1 complete trap (MOD. HPR1124) with glue tray
2 spare glue trays (MOD. HPR1125)
1 carbon dioxide generator
1 activator powder vial
1 heat pad (6 hours)
Instructions for use (English, French, Spanish languages)