MOD. HPR1126

Cimex mattress trap

Special adhesive trap made of plastic, used to detect the presence of bed bugs in mattresses, armchairs and sofas. Owing to its compact shape and especially to its thinness, it can be placed under mattresses and cushions without creating bulks. The trap is made of plastic and has an adhesive strip to capture pests. The perimeter of the base is coated with spongy material, so bed bugs can easily crawl up into the trap.
Sold in 4-piece packs, the trap is disposable and does not contain a lure. Thanks to its discreet shape, it can also be left in monitoring points occupied by people.
Suitable for bed bug control in hospital beds, hotels, hostels, campsites, caravans, campers, ships, vessels in general, trains, airplanes, taxis, coaches, cinemas, theatres, etc.