MOD. 9805TP

Transparent T-shaped bait station for solid bait

One-colour pad printed version.
New-concept bait station that can hold any kind of solid rat bait (fresh pasta bait, wax blocks, grain bait) as well as liquid bait (see mod. 9806TL). Made of sturdy transparent plastic, this bait station is weather-resistant. It is definitely the most innovative bait station available on the market and it has been designed with careful consideration of every detail. Its safe Allen wrench locking mechanism - that already distinguishes the Ecorodent line - and its special internal protections make this bait station inaccessible to unauthorized personnel, children or non-target animals. Owing to its shape and to its vertical installation mode, this bait station can even be placed in narrow spaces or where it is not possible to place horizontal bait stations, and it’s hardly noticeable wherever it is installed. The size of the entrance holes are designed both for mice and rats. The spacious chamber in the front of the bait station lets the rodents easily move about inside. The bait station has a special bait-lodging tube with various features:
1. it can be quickly removed so that operators can check the bait and it can be just as quickly cleaned;
2. it has special wings on the bottom, so that the tube can be inserted inside the bait station without spinning out of place. The bait station in fact closes only when the bait-lodging tube is correctly inserted;
3. the wings have been designed to make it easy for rodents to climb towards and access the bait;
4. it protects bait from water or dust.
The front part of the transparent bait station has clear inspection windows, which makes it easy to check the bait. An accessory (optional) is also available, a quick-release fixing clamp (mod. 9845), especially suitable for use when frequent cleaning is required. This bait station can be customised with your logo moulded in relief directly on the plastic (see mod. 9805TPR minimum 1080 pieces).

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