MOD. 9310P

Locking bait station - black colour

One-colour pad printed version.
Locking bait station made of heavy-duty plastic (HD polypropylene). It can withstand the harshest weather conditions and is suitable for all environments. Thanks to its special shape, it has a low visual impact and can be positioned anywhere. Suitable for rats and large-sized rodents. Key features:
1. opens and locks with special key (included);
2. plastic wall fixing accessory (included);
3. large entrance hole;
4. partition dividing the inside, so the bait is protected and accidental contact with the bait is prevented;
5. multiple bait securing system inside the bait station both for wax block poison and sachets (included);
6. complies with safety standards and is tamper-resistant, keeping rodent poison away from children and pets.
Please note: findings for fixture are not included. Fixing kits are available upon request, containing: screw, wall plug, U-bolt, wing nuts, washers, bolts and station identification label (mod. 9310ACC). The use of solid bait is recommended with this bait station.

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