MOD. 9305P

Trapezoid-shaped bait station - transparent

One-colour pad printed version.
New-concept locking bait station with translucent inspection window, made of heavy-duty plastic (HD polypropylene). Suitable for indoor use. Thanks to its trapezoid shape, it has a low visual impact and can be positioned anywhere. Version without accessories included. The key features making this product the most innovative bait station available on the market are:
1. safe opening and locking with special Allen wrench;
2. versatile fixing system for all types of situations (included);
3. adjustable entrance hole size (included);
4. inner part free from obstacles for easy and fast cleaning;
5. internal disposable tray (included) that can safely hold any type of bait;
6. safe, tamper-resistant station, keeping bait away from children and pets;
7. can lodge mod. 9570/9575 glue trays or mod. 9510 cardboard glue traps when the use of poison is prohibited;
8. station identification label and pins to secure wax bait (included).

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