MOD. 9855B
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BIBOX EASY CHECK ECORODENT Easy check bait station/trap for rodents and insects

New concept rodent and insect bait station, entirely made of transparent plastic.
A glue trap can be positioned inside the special compartment to catch crawling insects.
This station has a removable transparent rodent bait tray and a special wall fixing system, that make maintenance and inspection extremely quick and easy.
It is supplied with bait securing rod, locking key, fixing screws and wall plugs.
It can be customised with company logo pad-printed.

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Ecorodent is a brand specialised in the design and manufacture of devices for rodent control and features a number of successful models that are marketed internationally. It includes single and multiple catch traps, multifunctional plastic and metal stations that can lodge rodenticide baits, mechanical snap traps and glue trays.