MOD. 9480
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FORTEZZA ECORODENT Trapezoidal-shaped metal bait station - short

This bait station is the result of extensive studies, designed to offer maximum safety, high performance features, as well as an attractive design. This new Ecorodent line is entirely made of metal and has a tunnel structure like the plastic mod. 9300, though it has different proportions. It is extremely easy to use. The main features of the short model are:
- Disposable tray that can hold any type of bait, from grain bait to wax blocks of all sizes.
- It can quickly be fixed to the floor/wall with a single anchor screw or it can be fixed to poles with the special accessories provided.
- Its metal structure and special Allen wrench lock makes it safe in case of accidental contact.
- Its inner part is free from obstacles so it can be easily cleaned.
- The steel is galvanised and painted, providing long-lasting durability.
- Its white colour prevents the inside from becoming too hot in warm weather, so the quality and palatability of the rat bait remains unaltered.
- The package includes a bait station, an inner tray, pins to secure block bait, accessories to fasten the bait station to a wall or pole, and a station identification label.

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Ecorodent is a brand specialised in the design and manufacture of devices for rodent control and features a number of successful models that are marketed internationally. It includes single and multiple catch traps, multifunctional plastic and metal stations that can lodge rodenticide baits, mechanical snap traps and glue trays.