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Electronic rodent trap

This trap uses four C 1.5 V batteries and deliver a deadly shock to mice and rats; they provide enough power for up to 12 kills.
When a rodent enters the chamber to reach the bait, it touches both killing plates and completes an electrical circuit, which kills it in seconds.
Once a rodent has been killed, a green indicator light will flash.
This trap is primarily intended for use by professional pest controllers
Ideal for use in any infested area, with the exception of extremely wet places.
Do not allow children to have access to this device.


Ecorodent is a brand specialised in the design and manufacture of devices for rodent control and features a number of successful models that are marketed internationally. It includes single and multiple catch traps, multifunctional plastic and metal stations that can lodge rodenticide baits, mechanical snap traps and glue trays.