MOD. ES112

Bird sound scare system -control unit w/loudspeakers

Sound deterrent that scares birds away. This sound scare system control unit has a day/night sensor and incorporated two-way loudspeakers. It is powered with a 12V battery and can also be electrically-powered with a 220V/12V transformer (mod. ES102), only however when it is on “day” mode. The recorded distress calls of the main birds as well as predator calls are simultaneously used in random order. One additional two-way loudspeaker (mod. ES201) can be connected to the control unit with a cable (mod. ES199) at a maximum distance of 100 metres. The sounds are reproduced at irregular intervals varying from 15 to 40 seconds and are interrupted by irregular moments of silence that also vary from 15 to 40 seconds. Otherwise it is possible to connect it to a timer (mod. ES250) to programme the sounds with 15-minute intervals exclusively during daytime hours. (The timer works only with 220 V electricity). Suitable to keep starlings and seagulls away.

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