MOD. 800

Buddysun KIT – anti-intrusion bird barrier for solar panels with Buddytape

BUDDYSUN is the innovative Ecobirds system. This anti-intrusion bird barrier has been specifically designed to protect the area between the roof and the photovoltaic / solar panels installed on the top of it.
It prevents birds from accessing and building nests under the panels. It has a special shape that easily adapts to the different undulations of roofs.
This new version has been developed to make the installation even faster than before, thanks to the new BUDDYTAPE. This high-performance double-sided tape has a strong resistance to all weather conditions, from extremely hot to frost.
BuddySun can be easily fastened to the panel with no need of drilling and no use of rivets and screws; so the installation time and the labour cost are drastically reduced.
Each pack includes: 25 mt of BuddySun + 25 mt of BuddyTape

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